Tuesday, 26 June 2012

O Romeo, O Romeo, where art thou Romeo, International Classical Theatre Festival in Almagro

Although this blog is mainly about Spanish/ English bilingual activities, I have decided to blog about this as it is yet another resource or activity which is great for all language learners,not just bilingual families. The International Classical Theatre Festival in Almagro (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) takes place every year in July and lasts for about 3 weeks.

Apart from being able to see many classical plays in Spanish of course such as Don Juan, La Dama Boba y Don Quijote, there are often a handful of international plays, such as Shakespeare´s A Midsummer Night´s Dream or Chaucer´s The Canterbury Tales, often in their original version with Spanish subtitles.This year is no exception of course and there are a couple of plays in Italian, one in French, one in Portuguese and another in English.

This is great way to immerse children and teenagers, especially those from bilingual families, in the minority language being learnt or spoken at home and also for them to learn about that country´s culture. However,not all of the plays may be suitable for young children.

The festival starts the 5th July and ends the 29th July and tickets can cost anywhere from between 12- 27 euros depending on the play.Here are some links with more information about the festival and the programme. Unfortunately, Chloe is too young to go this year but looking forward to taking her to some English plays in the future....crossing my fingers that there will always be at least one play in English!

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  1. Would be great if anyone knows of any other bilingual events in Castilla La Mancha if they could let me know about them!