Sunday, 17 February 2013

7 Steps to Raising A Bilingual Child Review

As I have great interest in all things regarding bilingualism and multilingualism, not only to help me on the path with my daughter´s bilingualism but also to learn more about this subject as a language lover and teacher, I decided to read this book after it had been reccommended to me.

7 Steps To Raising A Bilingual Child by Naomi Steiner M.D. with Susan L. Hayes is an interesting read, written in a easy-to-understand format, not sprinkled with too much theory or technical terms, which would weigh it down and make it less interesting. It takes a step- by -step approach to bilingualism, starting with exploring the idea of bilingualism and the myths of bilingualism to deciding your goals,making your bilingual plan etc. There is also a chapter about teaching reading or writing in the minority language and about school and the bilingual child, which I found useful as although my daughter hasn´t reached the age of these things yet, it gives some helpful advice about how to address these issues, when the time comes.Another chapter I found particularly resourceful was Step Five: Leaping Over Predictable Obstacles, which describes typical problems that bilingual families encounter and how to deal with and solve these types of situations.Another bonus is the list of resources at the back of the book of websites and organisations etc where you can find and contact other bilingual families etc and find out further information.

One drawback about this book is that it seems to be aimed at an American audience as throughout the book, it refers to English as being the majority language etc. Also the chapter about school and the bilingual child mainly mentions options of bilingual programmes available in the USA,which may not be available in other parts of the world. Although in parts the book isn‘ t very relevant for those who are not US citizens,in general it makes an engaging and interesting read for anyone who is embarking on a bilingual journey or who is interested in bilingualism and multilingualism as it gives a deeper insight into bilingualism and how to go about it.Here are more reviews about this book.