Monday, 6 February 2012

Bilingual Babies: 7-8months: Love & Understanding

Chloe has now turned 8 months!I can´t believe how fast time is flying by and how quickly she is growing! As she´s still so young, there isn´t much I can report.She´s still babbling away and singing and her babbling is starting to sound more and more like vowel sounds. We´ve had a few "Ba-ba-ba´s" (my husband was convinced she was saying "Pa-pa-pa" or "Papa"...I think it was more wishful thinking!!)and now it´s turned into "Da-da-da"!My mum was visiting for the last four days which was great plus it meant extra English imput for Chloe!!She was also there to witness the "da-da-da" and prove that Chloe really did utter those vowel sounds and it wasn´t our imagination running away with us again!

Chloe´s understanding of both languages is coming on in leaps and bounds. If you say "Kiss, Kiss " and put your face near hers, she´ll give you a sloppy kiss if she feels like it!She´s also starting to understand the Spanish "Beso" or "Besito"My husband always shows her the mobiles in her room and says "¿Dondé estan las peces?" and "¿Dondé están las pajáritos? and if he says it when she´s on her changing mat,she´ll look towards the fish mobile or the bird mobile. My mum started to do the same but in English and she also appears to understand the words in English too so I´m carrying on doing it every day so she doesn´t forget them!

Apart from that, I haven´t got much else to report.We are continuing to read to her most nights in Spanish and English and I keep saying the phrases like "All gone" ,"ta" etc to her.We are trying to teach her to clap so I keep singing "If You´re Happy and You Know it" and a rhyme that my mum told me,which I didn´t know before:

"Clap handies, Clap handies
For father to come
To bring you a cake,a tart and a bun"

I think her abuela does Palmas Palmitas with her occasionally but I´m not sure. That just about wraps up all my news for now!


  1. Your posts always sound like you're having a lot of fun with all this :) What a great thing!
    Just keep talking to Chloe! More and more you'll see how much she understands! Those words are all sticking in her amazing little brain :)

  2. I am,Kate, thanks! I find it really interesting as a keen linguist and language teacher myself....watching and seeing how Chloe´s language acquisition grows!